Head Office

Head Office

A Warm Welcome to Our Valued Customer.

Sourcing and Creative Division 

Moving ahead of other local companies in sourcing fabrics and accessories our Vietsun is now another step ahead when striving to raise the bar - to leapfrog OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) into ODM (Original Design Manufacturing). Our galaxy of designers work on collections – season by season at the present, and month by month in a not-to- distant future as fast fashion and speed to market are the only game in town. It is our intention not only to lead the pack but mainly also to open up more windows of opportunities to and speed up business with more and more demanding buyers around the globe.





Marc and Ven Development Divisions

Ven Sales Department is maintained and further developed to offer better services to the traditional buyers with its five competent merchandising and sales teams combined with three experienced technical teams and a strict QA team. 

Marc Sales Department is newly set up to handle the niche-market buyers and probe the potential new buyers from the new markets. Its three proactive merchandising and sales teams fully supported by a separate team of technicians and QAs are committed to meeting the increasing demand of the buyers, old and new.



Product Executive Division

Manned with 70 skilled and seasoned workers, the Product Executive Division is responsible for churning out a wide variety of samples - ranging from salesman samples out of the sketches through fitting samples for final touches to garments to preproduction samples for mass production - just to meet the customers’ requirements both for quality and timeliness. Its layout and accommodation of machinery and equipment are intentionally designed to align with down-to- earth production floors to narrow the conventional gap between mass garment production and individual sample garment making.



Product Mamagement Division

The diligent staff in the division working closely with production facilities and other sections and suppliers of fabric and accessories pull no stops to ensure promptly scheduled delivery as originally committed and show a high level of professionalism and efficiency in documentation and logistics. It is known for meticulous care for and adept at shipment manipulation and arrangement as it ensures that the quality garments are, without fail, just in time for shop windows and shelves at the required moment in the designated countries.



Internal Management Division

An umbrella division which supervises human resources, accounting, and administration, the Internal Management Division works as a linchpin in the routine of a steadily growing company like Vietsun. It makes sure that all the divisions under it and other function sections in the head office are well integrated, closely interlinked and on the right track, generating a the-power- of- many driver to the further development and growth of the company. It keeps the facilities in good shape for efficiency and smooth sailing operation and, last but not least, gets involved in projects of facilities expansion assigned by the Board.



Human Resources Division

With a view to going international Vietsun is open to talents who are willing to join us and share our inspiration. Human Resources Division sets out proper recruitment policies and sets up incentivizing working environment to make sure that the company is always fully staffed by talents of different academic backgrounds and career experience and social statuses who, in every sense of the word, move the needle of the sustainable growth of the company. It also structures career paths intended for ambitious and committed outstanding performers. It maintains that teamwork is the norm in the company, nurturing and developing the skills of individuals and enabling the whole company to make remarkable successes.



Accounting Department

The expertise of the seasoned accountants ensures the lifeline for the employees and, more importantly, the cash flow and funds for the company’s expansion and investment projects when need be, considering the attempt to grow of the Board to meet the increasing requirements of the buyers who have confidence in Vietsun and, therefore, want to align Vietsun with their growth strategy. Its daily operation and function supported by the ERP portal are, to some extent, seamless in dealing with other sections in the company and intended to stay in line with the payment schedules of their overseas counterparts, shying away from mistakes and errors.




It is a go-to place where buyers could see the trendy swatches of fabric and samples of trims of different kinds to talk about the newly developed collections in greater detail. Out of the samples in display in the showroom the buyers could easily find the lines of garments which are appropriate to their business and sales – whether they are outerwear or sportswear or casual wear. Vietsun sales teams and designers are at their disposal and more than happy to sharpen the pencils in offering quotations or sharing comments on styles and needlework right on the spot upon the buyers’ request.




Our central warehouse is spacious and well maintained with its strongly-built rack systems holding fabric and accessories in place as well as keeping them in good shape. Fabrics and trims are specifically zoned for easy locating, proper storing and defect sorting. Meters are installed to keep humidity under control. Furthermore, our First Time Right approach in fabric and trims quality control dictates the must-do 4-point inspection and 1.5 AQL check respectively before they are rushed out in bulk and in good quality to the designated factories so that no hiccough or idle time breaks out due to fabric and trims defects or work sloppines, thus meeting the buyers’ expectations of shorter and shorter lead time.




Technology Development Division

The garment industry keeps developing. The market keeps unpredicted. The way of doing business keeps changing. Therefore, our Vietsun has to keep living up to the expectations of the buyers. Along with innovatively crafted attachments, templates, and molds long used in an effective manner in the production floors, state-of- the-art machinery and equipment - seam sealing machines, laser cutting machines, bonding machines, automatic quilting machines, automatic down filling machines to name but a few - are now being put in use to manufacture high-end products, speed up productivity and keep quality consistent. The jewel in the crown is our IE team of experienced technicians who leaves no stones unturned to reverse engineer products for efficiency and work out proactive, not reactive, solutions to production and technical bottlenecks.



Quality Control Division

“First Time Right” is the motto deeply inculcated in all departments in Vietsun, both in the company and its wholly owned factories. The motto is all the more crystal-clear in the Quality Control Division where testing systems are strictly observed to make sure that the fabrics and accessories of the right quality are used in churning out garments which prove to be environment friendly, free from restricted chemicals and safe for end users. An adequately equipped and certified laboratory run by trained and certified lab assistants are on the horizon as a token of Vietsun’s multi-pronged efforts to yield quality integrity.